“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.

~ Harriette Hartigan

Why should I have a maternity session?

So many women say they regret not creating portraits while they were pregnant and that baby bump was in glorious form!

This is an amazing time in any woman’s life and it’s not only a pampering experience but an opportunity to document you at a time when you truly glow. You may not feel like it on many days but you do! And what better gift for your child but to show you as you were carrying them.

Is my spouse or significant other welcome to join?

Yes, absolutely! I recommend having him join either at the very beginning of the photoshoot or at the tail end, but he should not feel obligated to stay for the entire session.

Can I buy “just the digitals”?

Every print you order comes with the accompanying digital, suitable for sharing on social media! But I don’t sell digitals only. One key reason: This is a high-end, luxury photoshoot that is designed to create images that are to be treasured for generations. Most people find that they rarely do anything with the digitals and they just sit there collecting virtual dust on a hard drive. The aim is to provide you with images that will exist for the generations that follow: your children, your grandchildren and beyond.

What does it cost?

The session fee is $450 and with that you receive complimentary hair and makeup as well as access to the studio wardrobe and accessories. Approximately two weeks after the session, we will get together again and this is where I will show you a collection of lightly edited images for you to view and decide what you would like to purchase. Most clients spend around $2,700 but what you spend is entirely up to you. You buy only what you love! Some people want large wall art to display in their home; some want a beautifully detailed album that will be stored on a coffee table or in a bookshelf. Some like to mix and match, and create prints and packages that they can give as gifts to family members.

For every print you purchase, you will also receive a digital version that is sized and optimized for sharing on social media.


We’ll schedule a consultation by Zoom or in my Boise studio to design the photoshoot you’d like to create.


We’ll hold our photoshoot, using different backdrops and different wardrobes, and I’ll guide you through the right expressions and poses that are captivating and flattering.


About 2-3 weeks after your photoshoot, we’ll meet again to view a selection of edited images from your session. It’s here where you’ll get to decide which prints and products you’d like to purchase.