Rule #1: Make sure you love it! If the clothing doesn’t fit well or you don’t feel good in it, it will show in the pictures. These photoshoots are designed to make you feel like a celebrity for a day!

Rule #2: Follow Rule #1. That’s it!

Each portrait session comes with access to the studio’s ever-growing wardrobe collection. We have an array of elegant gowns and dresses, a fur stole and a sequined bolero jacket. We have a few hats also available, as well as a small collection of jewelry. You are welcome to wear any of these items, plus bring your own clothing — or mix and match. The dress sizes range from 2 to 20, along with a few pieces that are one-size-fits-all.

Along with the studio’s wardrobe collection, other clothing and jewelry that works well:

  • A nice, simple white buttoned-down Oxford shirt
  • Jeans
  • Cowboy boots or go-go boots that make you feel sexy as all get out
  • Statement pieces of jewelry or blingy necklaces and earrings that have been passed down from your mom or grandmother


Strapless bras can be helpful for some of the dresses, fabrics and fur stole that are off the shoulder. If you don’t have a strapless bra, a bando also is incredibly useful.

Bring bras or undergarments in both a beige or darker black or blue color to help conceal them.

To prepare for your hair and makeup artist: Have clean skin and dry hair.

It’s also helpful to ensure you’ve had plenty of water in the days leading up to your session. Staying hydrated will help your skin have a nice healthy glow. 

Lastly: If you have any beverages or small nibbles you’d like to bring, the studio has a small refrigerator and you’ll have plenty of time to stay well fed and hydrated throughout the session. There’s also a Starbucks right across the parking lot from the studio! We’ll take breaks from time to time. We want to ensure you’re comfortable and having a great time!